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ShockAlarm - Electric Shock Drowning Protection

UPC CODE: 040232545979


ShockAlarm is a floating, continuously monitoring alarm that protects your family and friends from Electrical Shock Drowning.  It detects stray electrical currents that could be potentially dangerous.

This is a passive device which means it isn’t connected to an electrical system that could pose added dangers when around water. ShockAlarm will sound an alert and flash a warning light when electrical current is detected. Perfect for monitoring pools and around boats and docks.


  • ShockAlarm is in constant contact with the water while monitoring.
  • Simply activate and put it in the water to use.
  • Battery operated – does not introduce electricity into the water.
  • The device is totally portable and can be taken with you to different monitoring sites.
  • ShockAlarm is a totally enclosed, waterproof system.

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