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Hello! You’re here for PPE materials, and MFS Supply is here to help. Here’s a few things we want you to know:

✔️ We don’t like high prices on PPE any more than you do. We do not make more money on high prices.

✔️ When our cost decreases, so does your price!

✔️ We’re constantly sourcing new vendors & distributors to provide a better selection of PPE materials, at better prices

✔️ Our goal here is to provide value to our customers. We deliver products that build your business!

We’re here to answer your questions and assist you in any way. Give us a call at 800.607.0541, chat with us using the chat feature at the bottom of this page, or email us at

60 Products

KN95 Face Mask
$7.90 to $12.30
New Low Price
3 Ply Face Mask, 50 Count
New Low Price
Disposable Face Shield
New Low Price
New Low Price
Wall Mounted Thermometer
New Low Price
Lysol Wipes, 100 Count
Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes
New Low Price
Clorox Wipes, 70 Count